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Sunday, 7 November 2010


So, been meaning to set up a blog for a lonnnnng while, & typically, while I'm supposedly at my desk revising for my GCSE's which I have this week, I choose this ultimately appropriate moment to create my blog.
Oh dear.
^ You'll see a lot of that on my blog ;)
To be honest, I have done quite a fair amount of revision already:)
however I doubt  very much that you would like to know about my revision sessions! :L

To be honest I can't promise much consistency during this so called blog of mine... you see I lead an exceedingly busy life where I do things like socialize, work, spend a lot of time playing musical instruments, play hockey etc.
... i wont go into detail now. So I'd like fashion to be the main subject of this blog, but I do apologize in advance if i go off track (like i am now) & start rambling on about other things such as HARRY POTTER ;)

Ooh and if you are busy putting things off like I am, check out my lookbook:)
haven't posted anything in a while but still..
Well if you would like to know a bit more about me I will write some random stuff in the 'about me' section as you do ;)
cheeeeerio for now peeps :D

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